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Tech + Entrepreneurship

Animation, App Development and Web Design are 3 core skillsets that that we guide our students in developing. Additionally, we help our students learn the art of moving from a concept to fully creating their proof of concepts, and in some instances a paid-digital product.

Our advanced character-development lessons, teach learners how to communicate their ideas through our Public Speaking lessons and how to monetise their ideas through our Introduction to Entrepreneurship model. 

FasTTrack - Academic Help

Ace Exams with our FASTTRACK Programme. The best of our tools and lessons from Can’t Fail CSEC and CAPE Marathons for Exam Preparation available at your fingertips.  With just a click, learners can connect from any smart device at anytime and close their knowledge gap in any STEM area for school or external exam. Proven to help learners move from doubt to dominance. 

Summer STEM Camps

Our Face To Face Summer Camps, Weekend Camps and Online Camps provides lessons for mastery by our young learners helping them to become superior in their digital literacy than their peers, moving from content consumers to digital creators.

Our lessons are easy to understand with very gentle learning curves for even our Tiny Coders. Learners are immersed in an amazing development of mastery with tools that build competency in critical thinking, forward planning all without encroaching on their independent thinking and creativity.

Highlights of Our Alumni's Success

Tech Camp to Goldman Sachs.

What some of our students learnt during our camps, they have built on to become fully certified Computer Scientists and landing Global Internships such as the young lady in this video in 2016 who as of 2021 became a Goldman Sachs intern and then as of 2022 a Goldman Sachs Employee as an incoming engineer. 

Topping Caribbean CAPE IT

Matthew, seen in this nationally televised interview in circa 2016 (before entering high school) topped the Caribbean in 2022 in CAPE Information Technology. Both Nationally televised interviews highlight four (4) of our students who have learnt these same lessons in our labs during our Tech Camps over the years. Bianca and Matthew who attended our camps (where these lessons were developed and perfected). Matthew as of 2022 topped the entire Caribbean in CAPE Information Technology exam, in this video, he is no more than eight (8) years old. 

Globally Competitive Students

One of our past student’s, Dominic, an 11 year old Jamaican who won the X-Prize competition in 2021 used his knowledge in Scratch to create an amazing game, in a competition with some 3000 entrants from across 70 countries. Dominic was presented his certificate of participation in both his first and second attendance of our Tech Camp circa age of 5+ and 6+. 

We are elated to see Dominic building on what he learnt in our Tech Camp, at the University of the West Indies where our Cartonn Animation lessons in Scratch was one of several core-age-appropriate tools used to teach our core syllabus. 

His interest in pursuing computer science confirms the importance of nurturing interests, as will be done through our ClickLabs.
Similar to Dominic, you too can benefit from excerpts from Talks taken in our camps from veteran innovators Prof. Daniel Coore (Computer Scientist behing Heart-Innovation using Pig’s Heart for training Medica Students in Open Heart Surgery)and Dr. Ashley Taylor who has brilliantly taught Object Oriented Programming for years.  Dr. Ezra Mugisa has also made contribution in helping students to see how their ideas can be relevant, globally. 

National Headliners

Applying the same focus and committment required in coding, Anjesh has stood out amongst his academic peers topping his classmates in the National Examination. Whereas this is not direct connection to the lessons taught in camp, he is consistently listed amongst the student who have used the same knowledge to outshine their peers in multiple disciplines. 

Undoubtedly, there can be no question of the quality of our syllabus in attracting and supporting so many students for various backgrounds all of who have either made national or international headlines for themselves. 

Based on these students, we have made adjustments to further the next iteration of students that will benefit from the quality of our lessons.